Ultrasound Ports From ExiscanTM

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Ultrasound Port


Ultrasound Ports Anatomy

Ultrasound Port Eng Drwg[A]  1/4" (6.4 mm) Diameter Opening:
  • Complies with UL and IP standards for finger safe.

[B]  Conical Opening:

  • Reverse parabolic cone tool from portable ultrasound instrument easily pivots in all directions to locate source(s) of ultrasonic emissions.

[C]  Window & Body Cover:

  • Machined from 1/2" aluminum bar stock for unmatched resilience (stainless steel available).
  • Treated with Mil Spec anodizing process and then powder coated for "belt and suspenders" protection against industrial environments.
  • Cover mounted on stainless steel hinges for ease of use and captivated component.
  • Cover fastens with 1/4-28 stainless steel, spring loaded, captive screw for a safe, secure seal.


Ultrasound Port Back[D]  Conical Backend:
  • Shaped to capture ultrasonic waves from wide angles and draw them to the opening for analysis, while allowing technicians broad angles to determine the precise origination of anomalies.

[E]  Mounting Fitting:

  • Uses standard 1/2" conduit knockout and conduit nut for easy installation.

[F]  Gasket:

  • NEMA 4X seal for indoor and outdoor use.

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