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Exiscan IR Window


Why ExiscanTM ?

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More Structural Integrity: The XIR series IR Windows were designed to be stronger that the enclosure you will attach it to so that if there was ever an arc event, the enclosure would fail the way it was designed to fail (or in the case of Arc Resistant enclosures, the enclosure would contain and redirect the blast as designed). Compare our construction to any other offering and see if you agree that Exiscan™ is uniquely robust.


  • Cover and base machined from 1/2" thick bar stock aluminum (or stainless steel)
  • Cover and base anodized and powder coated for belt-and-suspenders protection from the elements
  • Hinged cover with captive, spring loaded1/4-20 screws
  • UL Type 4 / 4X recognized, and IP65 certified for indoor and outdoor use in the most aggressive environments
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Stainless steel reinforcing plate to spread load and flatten mount even under intense pressure
  • Impact resistant optic
  • Polymer optic will hold mechanical integrity and transmission characteristics even under prolonged environmental exposure


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More Field of View: Exiscan's™ unique square 4"x4" (100mm x 100mm) aperture will not "crop" your image on your camera's squared display even when shooting at steep angles. Smaller windows and round windows were originally fine when research laboratories would shoot straight ahead, but industrial thermographers shoot through windows at angles.


Exiscan's™ polymer optic also allows the thermographer to place his lens directly against the optic, thereby delivering a fuller view. Imagine watching a ball game through a knothole in a fence – are you going to stay 2" back from the fence (as required when using antiquated crystal windows)? Or are you going to put your eye right up to the hole to see the entire game?


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More Accuracy: Exiscan'sTM optic transmits at roughly 66% throughout the mid-wave (MWIR: 3-5µm) and long wave infrared spectrum (LWIR: 8-14µm). Because of the relatively stable transmission rate across the spectrum, users can expect accurate temperature calculations, within +/-3 to 5%.


Conversely Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) crystals, are great transmitters in the MWIR, and were therefore very accurate when the industry used MWIR cameras. However, all of today's industrial cameras use LWIR technology, and by crystal window manufacturers'  own admission in technical papers, crystal windows are inherently inaccurate when paired with today's standard long wave imagers:

green bullet square More For Your Money: Not only will a facility require fewer Exiscan™ IR windows to see more area within their electrical equipment (which saves not only on cost of windows, but on installation time), but the windows are priced lower than other smaller, less robust, less accurate solutions.


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