Visual Inspection Windows From ExiscanTM: See More Safely™

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Why Exiscan?

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More Structural Integrity: The XVW series Visual Inspection Windows were designed to be the most resilient on the market. Compare our construction to any other offering and see if you agree that Exiscan™ is uniquely robust.


  • Frames and covers machined from 1/2" thick bar stock aluminum (or stainless steel)
  • Aluminum frames and covers annodized and powder coated for belt-and-suspenders protection from the elements
  • Hinged covers (opt.) utilize captive, spring loaded, 1/4-20 screws
  • NEMA 4X seals for indoor and outdoor use in the most aggressive environments
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Stainless steel reinforcing plate to spread load and flatten mount even under intense pressure
  • Impact resistant, flame resistant, oil resistant, UV resistant optic


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More Field of View: Exiscan™ viewing windows provide more and better visibility inside equipment than other windows that attempt to perform multiple tasks. Smaller round windows are often only big enough for either a worker's eye, or their flashlight. Exiscan™ Viewing Windows are offered in a variety of sizes and are formatted so that an inspector can easily look inside the equipment with their flashlight, for a more complete inspection.


Optimal Positioning of the window also improved visibility of the desired targets and a fuller view of the contents of the enclosure. Compare this to performing a visual inspection through a window that is primarily used for a different purpose, and therefore, is located in a position that best serves its primary function – often very low of very high on the enclosure. A visual inspection is most often, best performed at natural eye-level. A visual inspection is a specific task with it's unique placement requirements. That is why ExiscanTM recommends dedicated windows for viewing, and dedicated windows for IR scans.



green bullet square More For Your Money: We are confident that you will agree that the ExiscanTM XVW series offers an unmatched value.


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